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What is a Mega event?

Mega events are great occasions where geocachers can meet on a grand (MEGA) scale and swap stories, make new friends, learn new tips and tricks from the learning sessions, swap pathtags, get different icons only available during this time period (such as labs and the mega status), and try for some of those goals you keep meaning to try for with the encouragement of friends.


What makes it a Mega event?

Mega events require 500 will attends logged on the geocaching page, once this has been achieved prior to the event, the event will make Mega Status and items such as the lab caches will become available, as well as the Mega icon when you log an attend.

Do I have to stay the entire weekend?

No of course not, call in and make sure you sign the log at the registration desk (see the weekend schedule for opening times), collect any registration / merchandise items you may have purchased, and log your attendance.

If we make Mega status to receive the Mega icon you will need to log your attendance dated for the Sunday 23 October

Check out the weekend schedule and make sure you dont miss any events you did want to attend though, it is subject to change due to last minute variances.

What items are available for sale?

Check out the Shop page, you will find Polo shirts, pathtags, fundraising coins, and event registration packs.

What happens if I accidentally pay for postage on event collection only items?

All items are clearly marked with if they are event collection items or if they can be posted.  Also the postage option also states for what item it is relevant for.  The only items we are posting are the fundraising coins.  If you have paid for postage thank you ever so much for your donation to the event.

At the conclusion of the event if you were unable to attend to collect but paid for postage we will post to you at this stage.

The event collection items are because we will not be receiving the goods until the week before the event, when we will then collate them for your easy collection at the event.

I am a brand new geocacher is this event for me?

Absolutely, we have a mini event onsite first thing on Saturday morning to learn tips and tricks from experienced geocachers, any questions welcome.

Also have a chat, or tag along with other cachers, attend the other events during the weekend, you will learn loads, make new friends and put faces to those names you keep seeing in log books.

I want to do the Tongariro Crossing during the weekend is this available?

The Crossing is only advisable during good weather, and it is fully endorsed if those are the conditions.  Due to the fact that the weather is very changeable and will be unknown until the day before (if not that morning) there will be no organised trips over the crossing.  

We will have a meet up point each morning where the conditions for the mountain will be announced.  

We will also look at some transport options if the conditions are OK, but the trip will be entirely at each geocachers own risk, you need to make sure you are prepared for all conditions, and have researched what you will need for the trip.

Will it be cold?


Please be prepared for it to be very cold, and possibly wet.  Turangi's location at the base of mountains and the bottom of a large lake means that it can get very cold.  Expect minus degrees during the night, frost in the mornings (at the very least) and possibly snow. 

Please bring enough warm clothes, bedding, hats scarves and gloves so you will stay nice and toastie during the weekend.

If you are doing any of the walks in Tongariro National Park, chances are you will be heading into the snow line, it may be icy and if it is windy it will be very cold.

Please be prepared.

Are dogs allowed onsite?

Yes so long as they are kept on a leash and they are cleaned up after.  

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